DateService Lead (1)PreachingMultimediaSound (3)Morning Tea (4)Count OfferingCommunion LeadCommunion Prep
1 MarAlan KhooJason LauEzekielMattLee (Aaron, Debra & Punidha), Lau, MaclangAnnette + JanetEmily TroeungJan Kelly
8 MarTongaAlf JefferyDavidPamMeiszies, Pitts, PollardAl + Maryana
15 MarAlf JefferyBruce KellyTonga/MattPatrictRompis, Stokes, Siang Thluai (Bethany)Annette + Jan
22 MarAl MaclangAlan KhooEzekielPamTroeung, Welsford, Wong (Howard & Clara)Annette + Janet
29 MarAlan KhooTongaDavidMattYii, Ansari (Mohd Reza & Ses), CroxfordAl + Jan

(1) Service Lead:

  • Welcome congregation on stage, prior to worship
  • Opening prayer
  • Prayer for offering
  • Organise for 2-3 offering stewards
  • Attention to screen for news

(2) Worship:

  • Advise sound-desk operator if there was no practice on Tuesday, so that she/he can come earlier. If not, operator will arrive as usual at 8.30am.

(3) Sound:

  • Be at church at 8.30am (if there was no band practice during the week, be at church at 8am)
  • First Sunday of the month change all batteries (wireless microphones, transmitter)

(4) Morning Tea:

  • Please set up and prepare morning tea before 9:30am. There will be no access to the Community Hall from 9:30 – 11:00am while Kids Church is on.
  • Provide morning tea food items (at the rostered group’s discretion)
  • Setting up before church service (filling hot & cold water urns, setting out coffee/tea etc.)
  • Pack away and clean up after morning tea (floors to be vacummed/swept and mopped if required)
  • Take home all dirty tea towels to be laundered (Please return clean tea towels to the church by the following Sunday)

(*) All batteries MUST be changed on the 3 rd week marked with (*) and marked off on chart in mic storage tray so we know it has been done. This is to avoid batteries failing during the service and battery wastage.